Jordan Azcune: MIAMI/MIAMI (Hot Stuff): The Walls | Gold Coast

In 2019  artist Jordan Azcune travelled to Miami in Florida to undertake research and to develop new work for an exhibition at The Walls. Through a comparative study between Florida and the Gold Coast, Jordan has used his Miami residency to explore post-Christian campiness with wax, glass and gold.


Raised Jehovah’s Witness, Jordan uses his fluency in biblical theology to map sediment and examine spirituality. Wax, glass and gold are used as vocabulary within his interventions that take on design and architectural features that speak to a post-Christian campiness. The exhibition MIAMI/MIAMI (HOT STUFF) is the result of Jordan’s first international artist exchange program born out of a comparative study between Florida and the Gold Coast. Azcune interrogates Art Deco’s likeness to religious symbolism and the adoption of its ‘glamourous’ aesthetic by coastal communities. In these works, the ecclesiastical style is stretched to forms that reveal the sexuality and surface of Art Deco in both Miamis.