Jordan Azcune:
Post-Christian Camp.
: N.Smith Gallery

‘I’m not coming up with answers, I’m coming up with more questions. I’m not interested in definities, I’m interested in grey areas. That grey area is actually a lot of colour.’

For Jordan Azcune, camp is art, religion, life.


Post-Christian Camp is a playful queer celebration re-claiming religious aesthetics. Through sculptural wall works referencing spiritual iconography and floral ikebana displays, Post-Christian Camp draws upon Jordan’s own conflicted relationship to faith growing up queer in a religious household. Flowers, fragrant candle wax and archways become offerings of reflection for gallery visitors in a contemporary altar space. Through generous moments of grandeur and optics Jordan proposes alternative spiritual narratives that rethink and complicate connections to religion and queer culture.


Interested? Jordan's busy making work for his show, but we're happy to send you a preview once the works are ready. Just let us know.