Jordan Azcune:
Post-Christian Camp.
: N.Smith Gallery

Strategising Camp to speak over the brink of ostracism, utilising the lens of queer faith is where Jordan’s expertise arise. His wax cast arches and plains of eroded and pored topography are suffused with a haphazard blotching of pigmented shades. Balancing both chance and contrived composition, Jordan plots out optic patternation but then allows the fluid the agency to direct its own path. His works take on the flamboyant, clashing quality of Camp costume with seemingly discordant colours and texture finding a unity in mass. Interestingly, in casting around Ping Pong balls Jordan’s surfaces operate in two distinct ways, they freeze the in-between-action moment of a game but also create a dragged recreation of the micro-architecture of honeycomb.


Interested? Jordan's busy making work for his show, but we're happy to send you a preview once the works are ready. Just let us know.