Kai Wasikowski:
The Subjunctive Mood.
: N.Smith Gallery

‘Subjunctive’ adjective def.—relating to or denoting a mood of verbs expressing what is imagined or wished or possible.

The Subjunctive Mood is a new body of work that continues Kai’s interest in the history of national parks and settler conservation movements. Particularly, how photography has been used to promote environmentalist legacies through the colonial lens of universality.


Kai’s series of photographs were taken during a trip to China in 2019, across Beijing, Xiamen and Wuyishan—a state-level nature reserve and UNESCO world heritage site in the Northern Fujian Province. The large-scale photographs coalesce landscape photography traditions with Kai’s dependence on the Google Translate app to navigate and communicate abroad. The text that overlays the images in this series was generated by using the Google Translate live camera view to read and translate the text-less photographs. In doing so, The Subjunctive Mood highlights the foreign gaze of the photographer and the gaps felt between observing, photographing and understanding. 


Interested? Kai's busy preparing work for his show, but we're happy to send you a preview once the works are ready. Just let us know.