Dylan Mooney Google Doodle Commission.

Dylan Mooney has been commissioned by Google to create a Google Doodle to celebrate the First Nations activist Pearl Gibbs. ⁠


Pearl Mary (Gambanyi) Gibbs was a prominent female First Nations  activist in the early 20th century, championing the rights of Indigenous Australians, women and children.


Below, he shares his thoughts behind the making of this Doodle:

Q. Why was this topic meaningful to you personally?

A. This topic was important to me not only because of the work Aunty Pearl Gibbs has done for Aboriginal people, but also her work with women and children. She created change for our people to keep thriving.


Q. What were your first thoughts when you were approached about working on this Doodle?

A. I couldn’t believe it, being approached by a big company such as Google you know it was a bit overwhelming. But I’m so proud to have worked with Google and Aunty Pearl Gibbs' family to bring this work to life.


Q. What message do you hope people take away from your Doodle?

A. My hope is that people reflect on our history within Australia and know our past and what Aunty Pearl Gibbs has done for this nation. I also hope that Indigenous women are celebrated for what they do for our community, in whatever that may be. Indigenous women are our heroes.

18 Jul 2021