James Tylor finalist in 2021 Bowness Prize.

James Tylor is a finalist in the 2021 William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize. Congrats!⁠

This tintype CIPX series celebrates Indigenous excellence in the Australian arts industry by photographing leading Indigenous curators, arts workers and artists who are working in national art museums in 2021. The Critical Indigenous Photographic Exchange (CIPX) is an international Indigenous portraiture photographic project that encourages Indigenous photographers from around the world to photograph members of their local Indigenous communities using the 19th century tintype process.⁠

The award is announcement Thursday 16 September, with the exhibition running until 7 November 2021.⠀



CIPX Aidan Hartshorn (Walgalu people of the Ngurmal Nation), 2021; CIPX Coby Edgar (Larrakia and Jingili peoples), 2021; CIPX Sebastian Goldspink (Burramattagal, Dharug people), 2021; CIPX Kelli Namikili Cole (Waramungu), 2021; CIPX, Franchesca Cubillo (Yanuwa, Larrakia, Bardi, and Wardaman people), 2021; CIPX Bruce Johnson McLean (Wierdi people of the Birri Gubba nation), 2021; CIPX, Tina Baum (Larrakia, Wardaman and Karajarri peoples), 2021; CIPX Wesley Shaw (Dharawal, Ngarigo and Yuin people), 2021; from the series Critical Indigenous Photographic Exchange⁠
pigment ink-jet prints on aluminium⁠
100 x 84 (each)

29 Jul 2021