Archibald Prize 2020: Art Gallery of New South Wales

Thea Anamara Perkins is a finalist in the The Archibald Prize with her work Uncle Chicka.

Thea Anamara Perkins painted her grandfather, Charles Madden, for her 2020 Archibald Prize entry.


‘I painted my pop as I wanted to pay homage to him as a prominent and respected Gadigal elder, known around Redfern as Chicka. He’s given a lifetime of service to local grassroots organisations, including the Aboriginal Medical Service, Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council and his beloved Redfern All Blacks. He also worked on the railways in Sydney for over 50 years. He has the gentleness that comes with great strength and integrity.


‘I initially painted him in the suit that he wears to give Welcomes to Country, which is very dignified. However, I realised I wanted to show a more private side, and opted for a more casual setting. I hope this painting conveys how I feel about my grandfather and how our family is – to quote musician Kev Carmody – “blessed with the gentlest of men”.’