Miriam Charlie: Lockdown 2022.: N.Smith Gallery

'These photos capture my time spent in isolation after testing positive for Covid. I wanted to capture how lonely it was, how isolated I felt, and how as an Aboriginal person, not being able to connect with my family and Country.'

N.Smith Gallery is honoured to present a new exhibition of polaroid photographs by Garrwa / Yanyuwa elder Miriam Charlie.

Miriam Charlie’s photographs show the reality of her lived experience in a form traversing documentary and art photography. Lockdown 2022 documents Miriam’s time in isolation while recovering from COVID-19. The intimacy of her photos is reminiscent of familiar photographs, reframing the experience of life in a remote community through the lens of compassion, dignity and respect. The Polaroid's low-fi technology removes the need for bulky equipment and editing, retaining complete agency over her projects.