Flight: Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro are included in the major exhibition Flight  at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre.

Flight is a six-month exploration of flight at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. Across every artform, the exhibition will dissect, discuss and deconstruct air travel, aviation, aerodynamics and the freedoms and perils that flight promises.⁠


Kites and planes come from the same family but the philosophy behind flying kites and planes are quite different. A kite is a flying object that inspires daydreams while locating you within a specific time and place. Like a pin stuck in a map, the tethered kite marks us within the here and now. Conversely, an airplane makes the drive to be somewhere else entirely, a possible reality.


We have reversed the evolution of manned flight by taking Twin Bonanza Beechcraft wings and with a bit of paint and string, turned them back into a kite.  Our aim is to re-focus on the here and now. This tension between being stuck somewhere and wanting to be somewhere else is strangely reminiscent of those early adolescent years trapped in the ‘burbs: those years of feeling that somewhere, elsewhere, something interesting was happening – it just wasn’t where you were… Conversely, this informed dislocation can inspire a punk DIY attitude of making your own fun regardless of skill-level: bands are formed, low-budget films are made and painfully earnest art is produced.