Neva Hosking:
The Last Garden on Loftus Crescent.
: N.Smith Gallery

Taking her cues from the rich visual delights of her immediate environment, Hosking’s The Last Garden on Loftus Crescent is semi-autobiographical – displaying in their subject matter and aesthetic structure cues from Hosking’s personal life.

The long and illustrious history of the still life genre is often entangled with powerful moral lessons about the emptiness of worldly possessions and the transience of earthly life. Neva Hosking is an artist who clearly takes great personal delight in the living. Rather than celebrating the decline and death of the subject, Hosking creates hyperrealistic pencil and ink botanical studies on handmade and vintage paper to celebrate living plants. 


Interested? Neva's busy making work for her show, but we're happy to send you a preview once the works are ready. Just let us know.