Through solo and collaborative practices, Jordan Azcune explores abstraction, camp aesthetics, and the ineffable.

Growing up queer in a religious household, Jordan’s work explores abstraction, colour theory, and camp aesthetics filtered through biblical theology and personal circumstance. Azcune uses this experience as a device to reveal understandings on architecture, the body, and space with layered historic and contemporary readings. Jordan is currently investigating the ideas of spirituality, offering and memory through the materials of beeswax, pigment, glass and brass as interventions that take on design and architectural features that speak to a post-Christian campness.


Azcune lives and works in Meanjin/Brisbane, Queensland. In 2016 he completed Honours in Fine Art at Queensland University of Technology and has since completed a mentorship in public art with Lincoln Austin and is apprenticing with theologian and iconographer Leonard Brown on Byzantine Gold work. He is the youngest member of Sogetsu Ikebana Brisbane. His work has been exhibited nationally across Australia and has conducted research residencies in Australia, United States of America, and in 2021-22 India.


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