‘Any history to do with Australia I consider haunting.’

Kyra Mancktelow’s multidisciplinary practice investigates legacies of colonialism, posing important questions such as how we remember and acknowledge Indigenous histories.


An emerging Quandamooka artist with links to the Mardigan people of Cunnamulla, Kyra’s practice includes printmaking, ceramics, and sculpture – each applying a unique and distinct aesthetic. Kyra works with various materials to share her rich heritage, stories, and traditions to educate audiences and strengthen her connection to Country. Her printmaking explores intergenerational trauma as a result of forced integration on colonial missions, and her use of local materials in her sculpture, including clay, emu features, and Talwalpin (cotton tree), strengthens her connection to Country.


A recent graduate from Queensland College of Art’s Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art program, Kyra won the 2021 Telstra Emerging Artist Award at NATISAA and is a finalist in the 2021 Churchie National Emerging Art Prize.


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